sweatin’ in the summertime: live music, mixtapes and anticipation

There’s no reason not to break my own fourth wall here. My absence has been due to many reasons – traveling and work. Since I haven’t been to a show since last month’s… Continue reading

tUnE-yArDs live!

Last night was a sold out tUnE-yArDs show at DC’s 930 club. While Radiohead played a sold out show at the Verizon Center in Chinatown, it didn’t even matter. The crowd was so… Continue reading

Best Coast/The Only Place

If you’ve been following along with news on Best Coast, you know about the latest single, The Only Place. As an album opener (and title track) it sets the mood as the most… Continue reading

my ode to Oldie

Oldie is the closing track of the new Odd Future record, The OF Tape Vol. 2. Clocking in at 10:32 it features the same repetitive beat, only occasionally losing its’ basses and trebles, and features everyone… Continue reading

WU LYF live

Having been the second time I saw WU LYF at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel on H Street, it lived up to my expectations of awesome. This band plays incredibly well together. While… Continue reading

Jack White/Blunderbuss

And on the eighth day, God created Jack White. As we recently learned from the (finally!) long and detailed profile of White in the Easter edition of the New York Times Magazine, Jack White doesn’t… Continue reading

back to back sold out: Megafaun and Dr. Dog

This Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of back to back sold out shows: Megafaun at the Backstage at DC’s Black Cat and Dr. Dog at the 930 Club. Megafaun was more… Continue reading

The Black Keys LIVE: you pretty much love The Black Keys

When it was first announced that The Black Keys were playing an arena tour, I was disappointed. Disappointed because I knew at that point the only place I could ever see them would… Continue reading

gone punk

Punk is in the air. Jack White’s debut solo release is slowly creeping up on us, just like March did. Out not soon enough on April 24 on Third Man Records/Columbia, Blunderbuss, is shaping up… Continue reading

mr. Macca does it weird, Lana Del Rey makes and appearance and my obsession with Jack White continues….

We have now seen some releases, hype and serious discussions come up online, on the airwaves and among our offices. What’s up? Paul McCartney (or Mr. Macca, if you will) went jazzy on… Continue reading