The Black Keys/El Camino

This record is a smash, opening with the first single ‘Lonely Boy’. Out on December 6th, the fourth record with Nonesuch, The Black Keys’ seventh studio album El Camino is an advanced sound… Continue reading

the fourth wall comes down

Usually performers stay in their world on stage. And everyone else watching plays along. It’s what makes live theater so fun. But then they can break the fourth wall and directly address the… Continue reading

rock and roll, i miss you-

New music has been dissatisfying. The majority of new acts have become one man synth bands. We either get that or A$AP Rocky– which seems to fulfill people’s hip hop needs with drum… Continue reading

dr. …i think i have Shuffle Syndrome

At one point, everyone listened to music the same way. You bought a new record and put it on your stereo. Listening parties weren’t what they are now. Listening Parties weren’t even a… Continue reading

what have you been listening to lately?

I want to challenge and change the way people think about and talk about music. Force them to listen and step outside their comfort zone. Find the losers, b-sides, unknown and walk through… Continue reading

bon iver Live

Seeing Bon Iver live not only completed the year, but answered all of life’s questions. When you listen to Bon Iver there is sonic mystique. Layered vocals, reverb, plug-ins, and multiple choruses happening at once.… Continue reading

when records congeal-

I don’t get the hype about the new Washed Out Within And Without. [So far the best part of this record is the album photography.] A favorable review even showed up in The Atlantic,… Continue reading

no means no: gatekeeping, a full time job

My dad, who remains a hopeful teachable Beatles-elitist, introduced me to the music world. But he left behind a lot (Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, punk rock, Lou Reed, Janis Joplin, Hendrix,… Continue reading

my latest obsession, live viewing: White Denim

White Denim is a band from Austin, TX. With three previous records from the three previous years, their latest is D – out now on Downtown Records. Four men have never created such… Continue reading

Bon Iver/Bon Iver

Delicate raw finger taps on an acoustic guitar on The Wolves (Act I and II) send shivers down my spine. When someone creates a piece of art that can move you to goosebumps,… Continue reading