hi! you found my site! i started hippiesandhipsters in 2011 because i believe music writing can be anything you want it to be. it lead me into a life of writing about music and my obsessions & observations.

over the years i’ve contributed to independent music websites, some now defunct. my reviews on Fiona Apple, Bob Dylan, and my anniversary write-ups on The Stones and Pink Floyd are some favorite pieces. but alas, i am now too old to work for free. quite frankly, no one should. my Medium is a collection of Music Memories, an ongoing, rarely updated project.

i decided when i started this site that the meaning of life is to be a part of something bigger than yourself. be it a community radio station, a band, or a blog …make it happen. action action! have you thought about starting a blog?


it me at The Big Pink in West Saugerties, NY. despite being a huge Dylan fan & Dylanologist, I must confess I do not care for The Band. oops. but I love the lore. @ me.