We Love Foxygen: We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic

So there’s this new record out by this band called Foxygen. Out on January 22nd on Jagjaguwar, We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic is full of sounds of the sixties. Which I know… Continue reading

I Like To Go Neck Deep Into The Internet. This Is What I Found This Time: Gaga Feminism

I do this thing, pretty much every day, where I get lost in the Internet. People say I type fast, co-workers mostly, but I’m pretty sure that it’s just the sound of my… Continue reading

David Hajdu Is Wrong: You Can Tell Him I Said So, Re: The White Stripes

Close to two years ago I stumbled upon a book in the Essays section of Kramer Books, easily the greatest independent bookstore on the planet, “Heroes and Villians: Essays on Music, Movies, Comics, and Culture”… Continue reading

Brace Yourself, Humans. I’ve Been Drinking Haterade: Overrated Albums of 2012

I did listen to these records but did not enjoy them. (OK there is one I didn’t listen to. You’ll find out which one soon enough.) They are in no particular order, not… Continue reading

My Favorite Songs of 2012: you should’ve Started Listening to these yesterday

Last year when I started compiling my favorite tracks of 2011, the list kept growing until it was 50. (I don’t even remember the original number I was aiming for.) So here’s a… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The Beatles For A Second

Because when I’m at my parents house, the Beatles are pretty much the only musical exposure I get. If you haven’t heard, my dad is a Beatles-elitist. So much that I didn’t even… Continue reading

Canadians Do It Better: Mac Demarco’s 2 Is Better Than You

We’ve covered a lot of ground here this year. You learned that I simultaneously love and hate Ariel Pink. He is fascinating and stupid. His music is great and awful. I also finally… Continue reading

Why You Love Nirvana AND Steve Albini: he made the Cloud Nothings record: Attack On Memory should be your year end list

If you want to know more about Steve Albini’s recording techniques you can talk to Rusty. He can tell you more about Albini than I can. After having just read Michael Azerrad’s “Come… Continue reading

Even Though I Hate Them, I’m going to word-vomit all over you about Pitchfork and Rolling Stone: the year end list has no end

Let’s talk about Joey Bada$$ because Pitchfork just decided that his mixtape, 1999, was only “Honorable Mention” worthy. The more they do, the more Pitchfork pisses me off. But I guess we all need a… Continue reading

Records We Need To Talk About: The Year End List Part VII

The Orwells/Remember When – Autumn Tone records released this one. Also known as the label funded and fueled by Aquarium Drunkard. I can say they are my favorite music blog, Noisey aside. (Note, if… Continue reading