What Have You Been Listening To Lately? WAMPIRE, Milk Music, SSGs and Chance

There has been too much negativity on this website lately. Just today, a friend told me “you write angry sometimes.” Thanks, Joe. So, in an effort to get some good vibes going on… Continue reading

Constructive Criticism? Let Me Riff About Deerhunter For A Bit

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time questioning my musical taste on a lot of different levels. But the experience of forcing myself to listen to records I don’t like, more than once, has… Continue reading

I Bury The Hatchet And Listen To Born To Run: The Biggest Surprise Piano Record Of My Life (So Far.)

So here we are. I’m going to listen to Bruce Springsteen. Having since been called a martyr because I’m exploiting my musical identity to do something I hate, to write about it, I feel… Continue reading

Klosterman On My Mind: I Plan To Kill My Musical Soul By Way Of The Boss

Because I just finished reading (and writing about) Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself To Live, I have a lot of my mind. I’m thinking about the way he can divert your eyes with a paragraph chocked-full… Continue reading

What We Can Learn From Chuck Klosterman: Your Favorite Isn’t Always What’s Best

When I was 18, I met Chuck Klosterman. I went to see him do a reading for the paperback release of his book Killing Yourself To Live: 85% A True Story with my best friend… Continue reading

Sorry I’m Not Sorry, I’m Gonna Blab About JACK WHITE: Happy 1st Anniversary Blunderbuss

Because I can, I’d like to wish JACK WHITE’S Blunderbuss a Happy One Year Anniversary. Over the past year I’ve written about JACK WHITE a lot, I’ve traveled to another state – twice – to… Continue reading

I Saw Deerhunter Last Night

And it was a disappointment. But let me start from the beginning. When Halcyon Digest came out, I wasn’t into it. But because I want to give all records a chance I had been listening… Continue reading

They’re Back!

For the last 24 hours, I’ve been listening to and then – singing in public – the new Daft Punk song. And tonight marks the second consecutive night I’ve headphone-danced to it in… Continue reading

Kurt Vile Has Me In A Daze

Kurt Vile is doing everything right. He’s a breath of fresh air since folk music has become a popularized-morphed version of itself. Vile’s new record Wakin On A Pretty Daze is charming. It’s loaded. It… Continue reading

New White Fence: Psych Heads Rejoice For Cyclops Reap

If you follow along, you might remember my undying love for White Fence. The project of Tim Presley, White Fence lives in another decade. I know that’s why I’m drawn to it. Presley… Continue reading