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the beginning of many in my year end list: Tame Impala/Lonerism

Rock music, and the idea of it all, exists to test the limits. People have been trying to shock us since four men wore suits. Later they wore makeup and high heels. (Now… Continue reading

my favorite live shows of the year

As the year winds down, we start to make our year end lists chronicling the best of 2012. While I’ve been thinking about my favorite records over the last couple of weeks, I… Continue reading

Fiona Apple is better than you (and me.)

When you have the ability to evoke emotion through a medium like music, people will pay attention. At least we hope they will. Every time I listen to The Idler Wheel…, Fiona Apple’s latest,… Continue reading

Titus Andronicus/Local Business

When Titus Andronicus’ 2010 record The Monitor came out, I foolishly didn’t pay much attention to it. Let’s just say that my inner-punk hadn’t fully blossomed. Since living in Washington, DC I think… Continue reading

the xx/Coexist: uneasy about English Pop. beautiful yet unsatisfying.

This Mercury Prize winning band is back for more. In 2009, their debut, xx, dazzled the world. Now Coexist is here, also on Young Turks (on September 11th in the US and the 10th in the… Continue reading

Best Coast/The Only Place

If you’ve been following along with news on Best Coast, you know about the latest single, The Only Place. As an album opener (and title track) it sets the mood as the most… Continue reading

my ode to Oldie

Oldie is the closing track of the new Odd Future record, The OF Tape Vol. 2. Clocking in at 10:32 it features the same repetitive beat, only occasionally losing its’ basses and trebles, and features everyone… Continue reading

Jack White/Blunderbuss

And on the eighth day, God created Jack White. As we recently learned from the (finally!) long and detailed profile of White in the Easter edition of the New York Times Magazine, Jack White doesn’t… Continue reading

tennis/young & old

  Just about a year ago in January 2011 we first heard from Tennis – couple composed of Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley (previously from the Indiana pop-punk band, The Ataris.) Famously, they sailed the… Continue reading

top 50 tracks of 2011

Happy New Year! Here we have my favorite tracks of the year. They are not ranked and some are tracks from my favorite albums previously listed. And some of these tracks are from… Continue reading