Cat Of The Year!!!!

Legally our cat’s name is Pasta but we call him Moosh or The Boi or Boi or Mr. Moosh or Mr. Boi. Did you know he’s the only cat in the world?? He sleeps on my head and puts his feet in both our faces; he sleeps in our arms, and on my lap for hours at a time. When kitty stands on my foot, its the greatest feeling in the world! Pet therapy is real. I can’t believe I used to talk to people, my husband, and actually do stuff. I have a cat now! Who needs TV. Who needs anyone?!

In the early days he was a sneezer–10 at a time! Moosh would wake us up by sneezing on and into our faces. (Actually he did this yesterday.) Awwww! How could I hate that? In the words of his Aunt Meagan, when you’re sleeping, “he does the choreography of an early Madonna video on any exposed limb or body part.” This is also true. When he stirs from his 10 hour nap every day, he sleeps standing up for 20 minutes or so. Boi loves to eat plastic but most of all he loves to play. He’s not food motivated and will eventually get to the kibble. Every string is a toy. Every stick is a toy. Forget fireworks, and he’ll watch the vacuum go back and forth but if you sneeze near him…forget about it. That and the pop of the toaster: terrifying. Boi is the light of my life and as it turns out he is also the Cat Of The Year!