Everything! is a blog!

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about this week. Everything is a blog! Yes, everything.

While I watch people leave Twitter for their preferred brand dot com of newsletter or make a big fuss about pivoting elsewhere …I’ve thought, wow the whole Internet is one big blog. Maybe Reddit is an exception because its a forum but what is a forum if not a crowd sourced blog of comments and information? Every site, even The Cut even The Hard Times and The Onion and the NYT and TNY and your friend’s extremely important Substack that you have to subscribe to (and read), is a blog. Fuck it! TWITTER IS A BLOG only there’s a word limit. Everything is a blog. And you (I) (we) can do whatever we want with that information. You probably knew all this already but because this is my blog I shall post. (Here’s a favorite blog that’s about blogging, or as it is referred to these days: Posting.)

For me, it’s remembering that every post doesn’t need to be a 3k word craft essay about all the things and decisions I’ve made that brought me to this exact moment in time. That’s not how I started. I started off turning a paper Xerox zine I made with my first writing partner during a semester in L.A. in undergrad into a collaborative blog that turned into just me blogging. When I went to link to it once I started my blog, it was gone. Pay for your domains, people. Then I started this very blog you’re reading, reviewing OFWGKTA’s “Ode to Oldie” and seeing Bon Iver live or listening to Prince’s Prince (1979) for the first time ever (stay tuned for the return of the live-blog) or complaining about billionaire Jay-Z.

Pivot to blog. OR! Pivot to zine! Zines…the ultimate? original? blog? You decide!

Here is a favorite playlist of mine featuring the piano, synths, and anything with a keyboard. Enjoy!