Ya’ll! I’m Back!

If you’re new: welcome to my blog, hippies and hipsters, where you don’t have to choose a side because SPOILER they’re the same. I started this blog in 2011 to put my music thoughts somewhere, back when blogging about music was “cool” and literally everyone did it. Now even more people do it. This is, essentially, screaming into the void. Let’s yell.

I spent a couple of years writing for independent music outlets and I was never paid for it. It was fun! Until it became daunting, unpaid work. I stopped to focus on the sixth version of a manuscript I’ve been working on for seven+ years. I spent a few months pitching it to agents, and then the rest of last year avoiding its failure. It’s in the drawer now. There’s no real conflict and its whole point is it doesn’t have an ending. An easy sell, right?! I’ve been feeling incredibly lost about my writing so I’ve decided to return to my roots. RIGHT HERE.

If you’re not new: LOL. Hi. My voice has probably changed, along with the Internet, and it’s been several thousand lifetimes since I’ve “blogged.” I’ve grown as a writer and a person, and I’m really into David Lynch now. My nutshell: I live in Brooklyn, I’m married (we eloped over zoom during the COVID lockdown: 20 minutes, 50 bucks), I own the best cat in the world who has taken to sleeping on my pillow with his chin on my head and his feet in my face, and I work in food service in New York City. I am your punching bag. Please tip me. (No, really. Tip your barista. If you can afford a regular $7 oat milk latte, you should be tipping.)

My taste in music has changed and my opinions about music (and everything) has changed. I now know that every band is someone’s favorite and you’re a fool to not consider everything. Just consider it. Give it a listen. The best part about music is there’s always more. Just because you don’t prefer something doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value to someone else. It was fun being a music snob but its also exhausting.

Either way, I’ve been making a SERIOUS effort to Get Back Into New Music and Follow Along…which is hard! As you get older and concerts get more expensive and you work an early morning job that makes you not leave the apartment after dark and genre disappears and there is just so much more music everywhere with a million different ways to listen and stream …it’s hard. So I’ve been making lists (and still buying vinyl, which I’ll get into) and I’m ready to blog. I am 100000% a technology grandma who just started mobile banking last year so expect lo-fi shit.

Gonna start simple with this two minute and eleven second song my husband has recently become obsessed with. Naturally he found it through a cat video. Mazie, wherever you are, thank you for this. It’s quite an ear worm. His taste in music is late night art college radio youtube mashup supercut lyric-less catchy nonsense of a repetitive hook OR disco OR any song over eight minutes. This week he saw Weird Al’s Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour at Carnegie Hall and I didn’t have to go. I don’t make him see Dylan with me. It’s the perfect arrangement.

Everyone IS dumb! Meaning is meaningless! Happy Halloween!