New White Fence: Psych Heads Rejoice For Cyclops Reap

If you follow along, you might remember my undying love for White Fence. The project of Tim Presley, White Fence lives in another decade. I know that’s why I’m drawn to it. Presley captures everything San Francisco music has ever done. His music is trippy, colorful and soaked in dirty-patched signals. It’s single note guitar solos, it’s backwards and it’s laced with friendly vibes.

Last year we saw Family Perfume Vol. 1 and Family Perfume Vol. 2  – both out on San Francisco label, WOODSIST. The two records are a collection of 29 songs of pure psychedelia. It’s folk rock with the best mixture of looped, serene sunshine. Last year, we also got the great gift of a White Fence/Ty Segall release, Hair, out on Drag City.

And due out April 9th – tomorrow! – Presley is back with another White Fence release. On San Francisco label Castle Face, Cyclops Reap, is a charming dip into rock music’s past.

Strangely,  I am one of few people in my community of music friends who listens to White Fence. It might be because I’m a San Francisco nerd (duh! – it’s the best city ever, or just my favorite.) Or because I love psychedelic rock. Maybe it’s the distance of 3,000 miles that keeps White Fence so far away. Or the strange that lives inside his records. White Fence is hard to find on our eastern shores. And I want to help change that. Listen to this band! You can hear the single from his upcoming release, “Pink Gorilla” here.

You can find information about them, sparingly, on the internet. Which, I think, makes the music and the man all the more special. We are used to direct contact with the musicians we love. And the sparse presence Presley has maintained creates a sort of romantic mystery.

But if you do look hard enough, you can find brief interviews with him. His White Fence blog is slim, but lately he’s been popping up on national music sites. The Fork has been (briefly) hyping Cyclops Reap and just last month SPIN covered his “homespun” sound. Presley has been ready for action since day one. He’s ready for you.

Cyclops Reap is full of fuzz and scuzz. Album opener “Chairs In The Dark” will grab you by the collar. And “Live On Genevieve” is the sublime example of San Francisco psychedelic rock. “White Cat” will spin your brain a bit.  The short, 11 track, record is great for a weekend afternoon or a late night. (To me, this music is perfect anytime.) I highly recommend that you check it out. (And that you check out the Castle Face & Friends cover release of The Velvet Underground & Nico. White Fence does a fantastic cover of “Run Run Run.” It’s superb.)

Spring time is everywhere and psychedelia is the perfect soundtrack. It’s time to open up your imagination for White Fence.