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Devon Powers Explains, There Is No “New Boss”: There Is No “New” Narrative

Since the last time we spoke, Patrick Stickles “publicly” “attacked” me on twitter about the review I wrote of his show. It was awesome and ended well. I think we’re friends now. (When… Continue reading

Gender Punk Politics With Titus Andronicus

Seeing Titus Andronicus perform is like going to a Patrick Stickles Variety Hour. The New Jersey band has played Washington, DC a fair share – but their recent show at The Black Cat… Continue reading

Klosterman On My Mind: I Plan To Kill My Musical Soul By Way Of The Boss

Because I just finished reading (and writing about) Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself To Live, I have a lot of my mind. I’m thinking about the way he can divert your eyes with a paragraph chocked-full… Continue reading

Life Before Rock and Roll: What We Learn From Lemmy

There’s this moment in the VH1 Roc Doc “Lemmy” when he tells the camera, “I remember before there was rock and roll.” The fact that Lemmy – or Ian Fraiser Kilmister – is… Continue reading

It’s All A Big Joke. The Game Never Ends. Forget The Hustle, This Is Our Lives

I wanted to like tumblr. I really did. But their drafting system is too complicated for me. Why wouldn’t it just save? WordPress has spoiled me. And the lack of internet ability in… Continue reading

I Can’t Stop Listening To 1 Train

This comes as a shock to myself, too. A$AP Rocky was never really “for me.” I remember when LiveLoveA$AP came out in October 2011. The people around me at the time who were listening… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About The Beatles For A Second

Because when I’m at my parents house, the Beatles are pretty much the only musical exposure I get. If you haven’t heard, my dad is a Beatles-elitist. So much that I didn’t even… Continue reading

my obsession with vinyl and nostalgia finally surfaces

recently, when Hurricane Sandy brought us “you can’t go outside. ever.” weather, my roommate and i indulged in cabin fever. she finally sat down to watch Almost Famous. a movie she always assumed… Continue reading

here there and everywhere: what i find on the internet and why you need to care.

Recently, I’ve found myself in the depths of the internet. It all started late one night when I decided to make a tumblr. Then I started discovering the tumblr world. Something I never… Continue reading

Japandroids: or how i learned to stop worrying and love alternative rock

The lines of defining music are thick and thin. Many times certain sounds cross boundaries while others strictly stay away from one another. Something can be funky and jazzy at the same time,… Continue reading